1. jualwaysthere:

    I needed more gifs of this cutie on my dash so…here he is: a giggling Emmet Cahill!


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  2. ashlepak said: Really I know somebody must have them the only day I don't get up early I miss all of them. booo


    Ikr!!! I woke up right after they were deleted… I so wanna know what the pics were! Only god knows and he is probably not sure!!!

  3. youngandbeautiful2016:

    I seriously cannot even… If someone has screen shots of the pics PLEASE LET ME SEE THIM!!

  4. bangbangsilverhammer:

    I’ll just leave this here for now. ‘Night.

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  6. fangirlalanna:

    Those calves. That butt. Am I wrong in saying that Emmet’s body is comparable to a Greek God?

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  7. Colm Keegan Q&A


    Colm Keegan speaks to Irish Music Daily about life after George and his upcoming shows with Celtic Thunder, Emmet Cahill and Laura Durrant 


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  8. Emmet Cahill Q&A


    Emmet Cahill Q&A Irish Music Daily caught up with the Celtic Thunder star and asked about his life and career http://www.irishmusicdaily.com/emmet-cahill-q-and-a

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  9. emmetsdimples:


    I died when Colm imitates Emmet! 

    Sarah Lindmark, I don’t know if you have a tumblr but I’m loving all your videos of Colm’s show! 

    The romance is real, he’s singing about it!

    I meant bromance….but it still works.

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  10. From Colm’s facebook:

    I paid really good money to hire a model for the morning to advertise some of my merch and this is what I got…. #Ridiculous #GetWhatYouPayFor