1. looksdownfromthemoon:

    The boys so far

  2. aussiethunderdome:

    Always There - Emmet Cahill

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    YoutubeEmmet Cahill
    Instagram: emmetcahill

  3. because-i-can13:

    A quick edit, just because ;)

    Design mine, images from screen caps (credit to Celtic Thunder)

  4. mandyethmaximus:

    Emmet Cahill Silver Shirt Appreciation Post.

    Because look at him.



    Credit to Celtic Thunder. Voyage screencaps. 

    So swoon-worthy!


  5. mrsckeegan:

    Emmett’s artist page on the CT website.

  6. ashlepak:

    Here is a new Emmet word search for you


  7. mandyethmaximus:

    i died and went to mullingar

  8. because-i-can13:

    One more gotta go to sleep lol, not sure on this one, does the pic blur when larger? Can’t really tell on my iPad

    Design mine, images from screen caps (credit to Celtic Thunder)

  9. Congrats! Looking fiiiiine.

    (Source: ashlepak)


  10. Oh my goodness….


    I thought all versions of Danny boy that celtic thunder have done were brilliant but Emmett Cahill knocked it out of the park on the mythology DVD!! :)