1. sisterofthefame:

    I always cry when I listen to this song for some reason…

  2. irish-fangirl:

    So…Today, for about the thousandth time, I listened to Emmet Cahill’s cover of Moon River and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the line, “DreamMaker, you heartbreaker.” And I made a photo edit of it. What do you guys think?


  3. aussiethunderdome:

    'Landslide' - Emmet Cahill and Rebecca Winckworth

    If you haven’t heard this yet…

  4. canadian-galway-girl:

    Can we talk about how sexy his new Fb pic is? <3 <3 <3 


  5. aussiethunderdome:

    @Emmetcahill: My last chance today to see my Buddy Angie before she heads home to the states..A kinder human being I do not know!

    So cuddly!

  6. aussiethunderdome:

    'Kindred Spirits' - Emmet Cahill


  7. aussiethunderdome:

    After speaking with CT management, Emmet has decided to join Colm, Keith, Ryan and Neil on the Celtic Thunder Australian Tour in May/June to pay tribute to George.

  8. irish-fangirl:

    "Here’s a discovery…..Is holding hands compulsory for the Oz tour too?"

    I swear you two.

  9. myuniqueramblings05:

    Made this tonight. :)  Enjoy!

  10. cakemaker2:

    Bring back Celtic Comet……we need these two lovely guys to cheer us all up!

    (via mrsckeegan)